The Network functions within the TREB structure by means of an Executive Council and Network staff. Some Executive Council recommendations go to the Board of Directors and issues that need membership approval are brought forward to a General Meeting. For the most part, the Commercial Network administers its affairs through the Executive Council. The Chairman of the Commercial Network is a full Member of TREB's Board of Directors. Councillors sit on various standing committees at TREB and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on TREB operations. Committees include Arbitration, Education, MLS, Government Relations, Finance, Communications and Bylaws. The Commercial Network has a Strategic Plan. The Plan is also incorporated into TREB’s overall Strategic Plan.

TREB's commercial educational programs are offered through the Education Department, with input from the Executive Council, and cover a wide variety of topics. Commercial specific courses allow Members to remain up-to-date on the latest industry practices and knowledge required to do business in the competitive GTA market. Programs range from technical sessions to practical, work place related sessions. Council may also host separate information sessions.

The Commercial Network communicates directly with commercial members through a variety of methods. It also has its own logos that are used as branding on documents, the website etc.
Through vehicles like Insight News, Commercial Realty Watch, direct mail notices, website and on TorontoMLS, commercial Members are kept informed about trends of emerging industry, association and political issues.
TREB’s Communications Department also assists in the promotion of the Commercial Network and its Members. The Chair of the Executive Council is the official spokesperson for the Commercial Network.

Government Relations
Commercial Network input on legislation and regulations that impact commercial Members are directed through the Government Relations Committee for action.

TREB’s Commercial Network hosts programs with the National Association of Corporate Real Estate Executives and the Society of Industrial and Office REALTORS. The Commercial Network also sponsors programs with other related groups e.g. CCIM, GTMA etc.


Insight Magazine
Insight Magazine is a comprensive coverage of Commercial trends and issues to the latest statistics on the Industrial, Commercial, Investment and Retail markets.

Rough Guide to Construction Costs (formerly Schedule of Unit Costs)
This annual guide to current construction costs across the Greater Toronto Area is the handbook of the industry. Several municipalities officially use it to assess building fees and/or development charges.

Other publications include the membership roster, Insight newsletter and Commercial Realty Watch. The Resource Centre/Research & Statiistics Department co-ordinates publication of Commercial Realty Watch. website
The Commercial Network website allows TREB to showcase the different types of commercial real estate TREB Commercial Members lease and sell. With links to the Ontario Investment Service (OIS) and CREA’s site, the public can conduct property searches not just in the GTA, but across the province and eventually across the country. Moreover, the public and Members can find a Commercial Realtor with e-mail links. The site also features commercial news and provides links to other industry resources, including governments at all levels across the GTA. The site is administered by the Commercial Network.

Council Members and Commercial Network staff participate in various events, seminars and conferences related to the commercial industry.

Annual Merit Award
This annual award honors one Commercial practitioner who actively participates in TREB activities and demonstrates dedication to the Commercial real estate profession. The publicity associated with the award is invaluable for the individual, his or her company, and TREB. This process is handled by the Commercial Network.

Professional Standards
All issues involving Commercial Arbitration claims are heard by a panel of Commercial Members.

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