The Commercial Network of the Toronto Real Estate Board

The Members of the Toronto Real Estate Board's (TREB) Commercial Network adhere to a strict set of admission criteria, and only those who have met the standards established by their peers are eligible to become Members. These same standards are used by the Ontario and Canadian real estate associations, and are the mark of a true Commercial REALTOR. Your property or commercial obligation is important and a qualified real estate professional should be one of your most valuable resources and team members. A purchase, lease or sub-lease is a major commitment, for both parties, and requires the services of persons knowledgeable concerning market conditions and industry terms.

Commercial Members know the intricacies of buying/and or selling property, from space planning, zoning information, dealing with municipal governments, environmental problems, architecture, tax assessments, appraisals, financing and market values, to detailed paperwork and closing procedures. TREB'S Commercial REALTORS have agreed to act under and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Practice voluntarily established by REALTORS. Their Board Membership obligates them to be fair to the buyer, seller and their colleagues in all transactions.

When you deal with a Commercial Network Member you should expect to receive:

  • Access to a high degree of specialized knowledge and experience of commercial, industrial and investment business transactions;
  • A commitment to the real estate brokerage profession;
  • Access to a resource base of Commercial buyers, sellers and leasing opportunities;
  • An opportunity to have your listing placed on TREB's Multiple Listing Service.
  • An opportunity to give your listings exposure on our public web site.

TREB's Commercial Network Members cover many different types of real estate, which encompass a wide range of different scenarios for the purchaser, seller, landlord and tenant, including:

  • Sales of office, industrial, rental and condominium buildings;
  • Industrial and commercial leasing and sub-leasing;
  • Sales of hotels, businesses shopping malls and plazas;
  • Sales of apartment and Medical buildings;
  • Retail sales, leases and sub-leases;
  • Sales of manufacturing, distribution and processing businesses;
  • Sales of land;
  • Sales and leasing of other types of investment and/or development real estate;
  • Initiating joint ventures;
  • Feasibility studies, approvals and opinions of value;
  • Realty tax assessment, general consulting and advisory services;
  • Expert witnesses in matters involving litigation; and
  • Asset management services.
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